Access Your Test Results

How to obtain your Results

Blood Test Results

When a blood sample is taken a member of the Practice Nursing Team will arrange a telephone appointment with you in 7-10 days from the test to inform you of your test result.

On arranging the telephone appointment you may give consent for a message to be left or the result given to another person. The consent will only be valid for that result and will need to be provided again for any additional tests taken. Only NORMAL results will be left as a message or given to another person.

You may be asked to make a follow up appointment or telephone appointment with the nurse or doctor to discuss your blood tests.  

If the result confirms that your medication requires to be changed then the nursing team member who gave you the result shall advise you to either:

Make an appointment or telephone appointment with the Doctor who requested the tests

Alter your medication and make a review appointment with the Doctor or Practice Nurse as necessary

Abnormal Results

The Doctors regularly review all the results and you will be contacted if there is anything that needs to be actioned or discussed urgently.

For non urgent abnormal results they will provide information to be passed on by the Nurse in a telephone appointment as outlined above or they may choose to contact you by phone or letter if the feel this is more appropriate.

If you wish to discuss your results further, then we strongly urge you to make an appointment or telephone appointment with the doctor who ordered the results as they have already assessed you and understand your case.

If you are not available when the Nurse calls for your telephone appointment and there is no consent to leave a message they will write to you to inform you of the result or ask you to make a telephone appointment for your result.

If you have not received your results within 14 days it is your responsibility to follow up and find out the results of your blood tests by contacting reception.

Obtaining other results (e.g. X-Rays, Scans)

Investigations Ordered by the Practice

If you have agreed with your doctor to have an investigation such as a scan or x-ray it is your responsibility to follow up and find out the results of your investigation by contacting reception.

On average tests can take 2-3 weeks to come back to the practice particularly if they have to be reported upon by a specialist so please do not call for the result of your investigation prior to then.  Please be patient with our reception staff if we do not have the results available and be prepared to ring again or ring the hospital if you want more information.

The doctors regularly review all the results and you will be contacted if there is anything that needs to be actioned or discussed urgently.

Investigations Ordered by the Hospital

As a general rule, any investigations or tests ordered in hospitals or outpatient clinics will be sent to the Consultant or Nurse who ordered them and so any requests for such results should be directed to the hospital secretary.

Where you have been expressly told that they will be sent to the GP please note it is your responsibility to find out your result by following the procedure for obtaining results ordered by the Practice .

If the test was arranged by your hospital consultant

If your test has been carried out at a Clinic or Hospital please call the Clinic or Hospital for the result, as we cannot action tests which have been requested by other Clinicians outwith the practice. If the consultant’s secretary or colleague inform you they will send the results to your GP, explain that you want the results from the specialist who arranged them who is in by far the best place to give appropriate advice.

Please note that we do have a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. In this respect we will only give out results to the person they relate to unless that person has given prior permission for their release or if they are not capable of understanding them.

Information about your laboratory tests

For information on what your laboratory test results mean please visit Lab Tests Online.


All specimens must be provided in a suitable container and marked clearly with name, date of birth, date provided and reason for the specimen.

Failure to do so may mean that the test will need to be repeated – Please note that when bringing in a sample to the surgery, only samples in the correct container can be accepted. These are available from reception.