Community Pharmacies

Patients are not always aware of services that are available at local community Pharmacies.  
Graeme Pharmacy Biggar is the nearest Pharmacy to the Health Centre and have produced this article to inform you of the wide range of services they offer.

Graeme Pharmacy

Graeme Pharmacy is an independent business which caters to the needs of a diverse population in Biggar and wide surrounding area.

We are open 6 days a week (see below for times) and provide a comprehensive dispensing service for both NHS and private prescriptions and stock a wide range of over the counter medicines and toiletries. We can arrange collection of your prescriptions from Biggar Health Centre.

We also are able to offer many additional services:

Minor Ailment Service 

This service allows eligible individuals to register with and use our pharmacy as the first port of call for the treatment of common illnesses on the NHS. Once registered, the patient can come to us at any point and our pharmacist will treat, advise or refer you to another healthcare practitioner where appropriate.

Emergency Contraception

This service allows the provision of EHC through the NHS. Supplies can be made after consultation with the pharmacist.

Stop Smoking Services 

We can provide patients with advice and support to help stop smoking. Where necessary, our pharmacists can supply appropriate Nicotine Replacement Therapy through the NHS.

Substance Misuse 

We offer  both supervised and take-away dispensing services to substance misuse patients. Where necessary, administration of Methadone etc can be supervised in a private booth.

Appliance Supplies 

We supply a full range of NHS appliances on prescription, and can also measure for Elastic Hosiery and Trusses in our private consultation room.

Medicine Disposal 

We are able to receive and arrange for secure disposal of unwanted medicines.

Urgent Supply 

If necessary , in a situation where the patient is unable to access their GP, then we may be able to assist by dispensing an emergency supply of their medication, however certain classes of drugs are excluded from  this service.

Gluten Free Food Service

Eligible patients can register with us and receive a monthly supply of GF foods through the NHS.

Palliative Care Network

We are one of 22 community pharmacies within NHS Lanarkshire participating in the Palliative Care Network which provides timely access to palliative care medicines in the community. This service includes retaining a stock of medications that may be required for palliative care, and providing advice and support on palliative care medications to patients, carers and other community healthcare professionals.

Private Consultation Room

The pharmacy has a large well equipped consultation room suitable for quiet and discreet discussions about sensitive issues such as EHC, measurement for surgical stockings and trusses, and our Stop Smoking Service.

Interaction Checking 

We have an up to date PMR computer system and are able to utilise this and external online sites to check for interactions between existing and new medications or OTC medications.

We are a modern and progressive pharmacy and are more than happy to welcome new business and new customers and always strive to offer a first class service.

Contact Details
Graeme Pharmacy
124 High Street

Telephone: 01899 220 019

Opening Times: